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Welcome to The Wight Brick Company. A very small manufacturer of handmade and mini bricks from Isle of Wight and Yorkshire clay on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight has a long and rich history of brickmaking. Up to the 1970s there had been 82 brick works on the Island. This may well be the 83rd.

Bricks represent approximately 4% of the cost of a new building, yet they can account for 70% of the look. The slight extra cost of using Wight Bricks is marginal, yet the resulting brickwork will give a building unique character and also add to its ‘green’ credentials

An Isle of Wight resident, Tim Bristow, has started making miniature bricks with Isle of Wight clay, and has also produced full size test bricks, again with Isle of Wight clay. His vision is to restart brickmaking on the Island, which earlier in the 20th century was a thriving industry with brick yards peppered across the whole island.

Tim Bristow has been making bricks since 1980. He has made made bricks in Devon, South Australia, Lancashire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, North Yorkshire and now the Isle of Wight. A co-founder of the York Handmade Brick Company in 1986, prior to this he was with the London Brick Company. Having sold his shareholding with the York Handmade Brick Company fifteen years ago, Tim now sells bricks for them. He says, 'When I was brickmaking in Australia in the early eighties the biggest sellers, and the most expensive bricks, were the rough ones - and my aim was to do the same in the UK, which I achieved. My 'passion' is old looking new bricks, and I'm now trying to get brickmaking going again on the Isle of Wight.'

NEWS: 2014-16 Now manufacturing drying and burning in 2 pilot kilns ‘Mini’ handmade bricks and 100*100mm terracotta floor tiles from IW and Yorkshire clay. Handmade bricks made so far are normal metric size (215*102*65mm) and Maxi brick size (48*24*16mm). Finished results are on display in the shops or for sale as part of the range of mini brick building kits. Also some glazing of bricks and tiles.

Isle of Wight made Brick in December 2011 Isle of Wight made Maxi  48*24*16mm Bricks Isle of Wight made Brick in Quarry 2012

ClayClay Mini Brick building kits

Mini brick kits including ‘BrickStick mortar.Construct different buildings from real Mini and Maxi clay bricks.Just immerse kit in water to Re--use.Scalextric buildings now available

Haddon Lake House Garden restoration St Lawrence, Isle of Wight. Designed by Phillipa Lambert at

Haddon Lake House Garden restoration St Lawrence, Isle of Wight.. Designed by Phillipa Lambert at The project has included the careful reinstatement of the early Victorian walled kitchen garden complete with York handmade pavers, in-period greenhouse, cold frames, potting shed and access paths arranged in a decorative potager design. Trained fruit complements the re-pointed stone walls, and the varieties of produce chosen reflect not only the era of the garden but also its favoured location.

The Clay Clay Miniature Brick Building Kit
Pizza Oven made from tapered York Handmade bricks in Wilts. for further details, please contact ClayClay
Chimneys down. London Brick No1  Peterborough in the 1970s filmed for 'Some Mothers Do Ave Them' with Michael Crawford

  Handmade Brick Video Click picture above to watch

Handmade brick making
Newtown IW Matching Special patterns
Terracotta floor tiles

 Bricks and Rail in Isle of Wight County Press 3/2/2012

Bricks and rail way forward
Friday, February 3, 2012
LETTERS From Tim Bristow, Seaview:
INTERESTING articles 'State of the Island debate’ (CP, 27-01-12) and 'Can IW attract new factory’ and 'IW to get better business help’ (CP, 20-01-12).
It’s all about getting economic activities moving again on the Island, making money and attracting tourism.
This Island used to have 82 brick makers on the Island up to the mid 70s. It used to have a 55-mile rail network, now there’s 14 miles.
Here are two working ideas. Start brickmaking again and build a new light railway, along the lines of the old network.
The first rail line was opened in 1833 to transport bricks from the Nash Estate to a jetty in Yarmouth. The bricks were handmade and was a labour intensive operation but the bricks found a ready market in the New Forest (as well as the IW). A new project for handmade bricks has started with actual bricks already made from IW clay and the feasibility of a pilot plant, using the latest biomass technology, is underway. This needs encouragement, flexibility in planning guidelines and investment.
Constructing new railway lines on the old routes, where it can feasibly be done and it is not beyond the scope of budding entrepreneurs. With 'railcar’ technology, as seen in Stourbridge, a plan could be put together.
What does the Island get out of it? Employment, tourism, less clogged up roads and further adherence to 'green’ credentials.
By all of us encouraging entrepreneurs to look to the past to pave the way for the future — we can go into an age of doing something for ourselves instead of negative moaning. Anyone for two commercial limited companies with Islanders as shareholders?

Clay Clay Logo
Isle of Wight Pottery. Andrew and Lisa Dowden at their recent Ventnor exhibition
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The Pilot Boat Inn, Bembridge Isle of wight. the only pub on the Harbour. Looks like an Ocean liner
York Handmade Delft tile
Doglost App for iPhone launched  22nd April 2011. Helping you find your lost dog

 The Wight Brick Company’s trial handmade and Maxi bricks can be seen at ClayClay 15,High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SD

Opening hours : Generally but not always 10am - 5pm Weekdays, Saturday 11am - 3pm. Sometimes open Sundays (11-4) and longer hours during the week, sometimes not open.

Do ring (07836 761541) to check if open if you are making a specific trip.

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Link to Dreadnought Roof tiles
The Wight Rolls Royce and Bentley Car Co HB Holiday Lettings House and cottage holiday rental on the Isle of Wight
BB Bango Pop Artist

The Wight Brick Company is linked to the ClayClay Shop

ClayClay, 15 High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SD

For further information please contact or ring Tim Bristow on 01983 875378 or 07836 761541 or visit ClayClay at 15 High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SD

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